SMART Center Alvin

How is SMART program different from Day Care?

SMART Program is a unique program that emphasizes immersive learning.  Primarily, we are a learning center.  We do take care of children, but the focus is always on teaching them something.  We have a holistic approach to learning that takes immersive experiences for every age group and builds the foundations for life long learning.

Don't other centers offer homework help, how is this different?

While many centers offer homework help, our program goes much beyond that.  MathMagic, RapidReader, WorldTraveller, Smartista! are integrated components that build skiils that only specialized coaching centers offer.  Our center teaches kids to excel by building understanding of STEM concepts as well as the arts.

Is your focus only on math and science?

Of course not! While we excel at math and science, WorldExplorer for example will provide an immersive learning experience for children by focusing on one country at a time, where we explore the highlights, the landmarks, currency, food, language and geography of the world, one country at a time.