SMART Center offers a innovative STEM Centric Program, the only one of its kind in Alvin.  We plan to hold a math competition during the coming holiday season.  In order to help prepare the children, we will be holding several boot camps at no cost.  At this point, we are only offering Math boot camps.  If your child loves math (or if you would like your child to do better in math), considering taking advantage of these free boot camps.

At this point, we are planning the first introductory session in August, on Saturday the 5th, 2023.    There will be two age groups at this time.

Group 1:   Grade 2 and 3

Group 2:  Grade 4 – 7

If there is interest from community, we will consider adding other groups at a later time.  We are also looking for volunteers to help.  So if you are interested, and have talent for math, we invite you to participate with us.