SMART Center offers a integrated inclusive pre-school for children that are four years old or older.  We have experience in providing service for children with special needs, regardless of where in the spectrum they are.  The pre-school curriculum leverages the best available techniques for helping children learn not only the basic "R"s, but also STEM basics through engaging interactive activities.  The foundations for technically savvy, mentally prepared, socially responsible citizens of tomorrow can be started as soon as the children start to learn.

Graduates of this program will not only know how to read and write, but will also know their number, elementary math, arts, geography and world history at appropriate levels.  See more details in the SMART program.

Before and After School Services

Children that already go to school can greatly benefit from a program that can help them with their school work, build better understanding for concepts that they are already learning at school, build confidence and create opportunities to learn leadership skills.  Each child is unique and our philosophy is to help each child build upon their strengths.  We will help them overcome their weaknesses so that they are not holding them back.

Day Care

SMART Center is also a full service day care program that cares for children that are twelve weeks old to 13 years old.  We have dedicated facilities and separate play areas for young children and older children.  We have experience with Texas Rising Star and will be engaging with collaborative for children to get this facility certified under the Texas Rising Star program, which requires certified personnel and going beyond the minimum standards for childcare.



SMART Center brings an offering to Alvin area that is significantly better value than what is offered elsewhere.  The program is designed to be not just a baby sitting service, but a high value opportunity for children to gain an competitive advantage through immersive learning.

SMART Advantage

SMART Center offers an advanced learning program that stimulates young minds in a fun, engaging ways that creates lasting learning.


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