SMART Learning

Learning is a part of life.  All living things are continuously learning.  Even plants learn to grow towards light.  The goal is to make “good” learning fun.  For young children, we want to make learning a part of their everyday experiences in a fun way.  The difference between a lesson and experience is evident when you talk to your young one about a “fair” or “Playground” and when they actually go to a fair or playground.  Lessons usually rely on only two senses, experiences rely on all our senses, so a more complete set of information is built, the association is stronger, retention better.

So how do we go from lessons to experiences?  We build the intended outcome of a lesson into an activity.  For example, instead of reading about sea-life, building a sea life poster builds better retention of the information that they used.  This is just an example.  We leverage this basic concept in all our programs to make kids SMART.

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